How My Healings Work

What I have learned from many of the lectures and conferences I have attended and the information I have learned from videos I have watched is that the body has meridian energy flow lines in it and when someone accidentally does something that strains a muscle, tendon or ligament or even breaks a bone that injury creates an energy blockage or blockages which creates pain.
When a client comes to one of the two wellness centers I have been accepted at when they are open and I have them posted them at the bottom of this so here is what I do:

I receive energy from my right hand and send energy from my left hand so I put my left hand just above the pain and say the Hawaiian Energy Healing prayer Ho’Oponopono which says in part:

I love you
I’m sorry
Please forgive me
Thank you

What I has learned is that every cell in the human body is very conscious and has memories from long ago in them and the body rarely gets an apology so when it does I am then able to clear any trauma and pain from both the physical and the ethereal bodies and then re-balance and heal the cells and tissues.
Now in cases of multiple energy blockages, I perform a “Crown Chakra” healing by placing my left hand just about my clients head and again say the prayer and send my powerful energy down throughout their entire physical and ethereal bodies. What I have discovered is that my energy is so powerful that five minutes is usually the most my clients can handle at one time. If necessary I may have to perform more than one session. I can help to reduce the pain 90-100%.

I also specialize in remote healings. What I mean by remote healings is that after you contact me, we arrange to set a day and time when I send you my very powerful healing energies wherever you live. It is a powerful energy connection that we will have. I must tell you that you need to be sitting down or laying down and not active for at least one hour after our session and please do not drive until you know that you are grounded (stable) enough.

My healings usually take between 4 to 24 hours to take full affect. I also need to let my clients know that in some cases they may do a “purging” to release the energy. I always ask my clients to sit down or lay down and go into a meditative state or get as relaxed as you can before I do my healing.

When you have surgery contact me so I can help to help reduce the pain.

Please take a few minutes to review some of my testimonials and if you have any further questions please send me a detailed message with your name and the exact location of your energy blockage or blockages – no photos please – to  my email address and I will try to respond within 24 to 48 hours.

I do have a full time job I work M-F

I am certified as an A.R.C.H.1 (Ancient Rainbow Conscious Healer) And Reiki 1 & 2 to have more than one healing modality to my credit but I adjusted those to my quantum level.

Thank you,
White Wolf

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“I had been to the dentist with a lot of pain and was told I had an abscess tooth. I was scheduled for a root canal, but had been hearing many things about root canals and how that is not good for you. I cancelled the root canal. I was still in a lot of pain and not sure what the next step would be.

I went to a healing circle at my friends home. I was in so much pain it was an effort to drive there. Mark was at this healing circle. I explained what was going on with me. He said he could do a healing if I wanted and I said “Yes”. He said I needed to forgive and then did a healing for about ten minutes. I could feel the pain subside. I stayed for the evening at the healing circle. When I left, I still had pain, but it was much less than when I first got there. I was able to sleep through the night.

The next morning I woke up to no pain at all. I was surprised and thankful. The pain did not come back. This was my first experience with Mark and his healing. It was a wonderful experience.” Renee O.

“I had a bad fall this winter, then received two healing sessions with Mark. The pain level went from 7/8 to a 0/1. I think Mark has quite a gift for healing!” Eric S.

“I had surgery recently for a torn labrum, torn bicep, and damaged rotator cuff on my right shoulder. I was back in the office after taking a few days off after the surgery and in a lot of pain even after taking pain medication.

Mark stopped by and saw I was in great pain so he offered to give me a treatment and I agreed. Mark put his hand just above my right shoulder and I sat quietly for about 5 minutes. When he was done I felt a little better but not 100% but I was amazed that there was already some pain relief.

When I awoke the next morning the sharp pain was gone! I couldn’t believe it.

Mark stopped by the next day to check on me and because there was just a slight twinge of pain Mark gave me another treatment. Mark told me that the twinge may stay for a little while as that was part of my healing but I never felt a sharp pain again throughout my healing.” Mark D., President of MKM Distributors

“I had dental surgery and was in a lot of pain and pain killers and Mark offered to do a healing on me and I said “yes” so Mark stood behind me and put his left hand very near my left cheek for about five minutes. I felt a little tingle in my cheek, but after a while the pain slowly started to decrease from my mouth. It was a very interesting experience because there was no need for pain killers”.

“I also had another experience with Mark where I sprained my knee. I was in so much pain I was unable to walk properly. Again Mark put his left hand over my knee and most of the pain was gone.” Norish M.

“White Wolf is a gifted healer. A week ago, I strained my back while trying to grab some boots in the back of my closet. Next thing you know I couldn’t stand up. It was excruciatingly painful and I found myself struggling to walk. Getting out of bed took all of my strength and a bunch of strange contortions. Back strains can take several weeks to heal and as bad as the days were, the nights were worse. On Sunday evening White Wolf did a remote healing. I could feel the energy in my crown chakra and third eye. Afterwards I was pretty tired and went to sleep. The next day I felt pretty much the same. White Wolf explained that it would take a day or so to work. I noticed as the day progressed that i was able to stand for longer periods of time and it was getting easier to stand up. I also noticed my energy level was better than it had been in days. The real trick would be getting through the night. I was surprised when I went to bed without pillows under my knees. I slept through the night and woke up early the following day feeling so much better. The rate with which i was healing was greatly amplified by White Wolf’s work. I have met many healers through the years and I’ve never seen one take this level of pain and density and turn it around. It was truly amazing!”
Jennifer S.
“I met White Wolf at a Star Knowlege Conference in Estes Park Colorado. After I heard his story of being electrocuted and becoming a healer, I Immediately felt it was important to have a healing session with him. At the time of the healing session I was 49 years old and had been ill from late stage Lyme disease for many years. I was bit by a tick at the age of four. Usually White Wolf does a five minute session, however with me he did eight minutes due to the many problems my body was dealing with. During the healing I could feel the warm tingly energy. After he was finished we sat and talked for a few minutes, maybe five minutes, then I needed to use the restroom. However, when I stood up to walk I almost fell over. I needed grounding before I could walk. After using the rest room we talked a couple minutes more, until I urgently needed to be in my hotel room. For those who have been very ill, you will understand this purging part. My body purged for four and a half hours straight. My liver purged three times. I have had many many healers work on my body for more than ten years. I have never had results from a healing session like that before. Not even close! I am grateful for the healing energy that White Wolf shared with me.
Really amazing!”
Truly grateful, Leslie M.

Brother White Wolf is a very powerful, compassionate, and highly intuitive healer. He has an innate awareness of energy flows within the body and the power to clear blockages which cause disharmony and imbalances that manifest in many ways. I am also an energy healer, and have had energy work done by many others, but it was White Wolf that was able to clear an internal misalignment within my body that caused structural weakness in my back and legs for a very long time. The imbalance has not reoccurred since our session and I feel great! I highly recommend his work! I am grateful and I feel blessed to have experienced his healings!
Stephanie C.